5 Home Remodeling Tips On A Budget

Kitchen-Remodeling-Ideas-On-A-BudgetThe first concern for any homeowner who wants to make some home improvements is the cost of an improvement project. But don’t need to destroy the bank to make a few improvements that will add value to your property in the long run. Here’s how:

1. Space Invaders

Creating more space in the home is the quickest and cheapest way to remodel your home. Modern homes have a more open plan design, integrating rooms to create more space. So knock out those walls that are separating your rooms and get the benefit of having a greater area that you can use as you wish.

Re-purpose unused spaces such as a garage, basement or attic to become more functional. This is a cheap way to create new living spaces, additional bedrooms or a home office. Adding a room to your house is another low-cost means of adding more space.

2. Paint It

Paint on the walls can rejuvenate a home quickly and without costing a bundle. But color can also be used to update and beautify other elements in the home.

Kitchen cupboards and counter tops that have lost their appeal can easily be modernized with a lick of paint. Try different color combinations and painting techniques to get the look and feel that you prefer.

Bedroom and hall closets can be updated with creative painting techniques. In fact, the right technology can make them a feature in a room. Doors and door frames may also benefit from a bit of designer painting. Replacing doorknobs or handles can give your closets and doors a new, stylish look.

3. Shelve It

Shelving is a low-cost means of creating a feature to display your belongings artfully in a home that lacks storage space. Think out of the box and use shelving at different levels or angles to make them a feature in your home. Even kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from the addition of shelves to hold or display various household goods and wares.

4. Go Towards The Light

Allowing natural light into the home is a great energy saving measure and will brighten up dark or dim rooms and spaces. Installing an excellent way to let more light in. Cutting back trees or bushes in your garden that may be hampering natural light won’t cost you a cent and will brighten up your home both inside and out.

5. Mind Over Matter

Creating the perception of bigger windows in your home is easy to achieve on a budget. Simply lengthen your curtain rail so that the curtains cover the walls alongside the window frame when open.

To make your windows seem higher, place the curtain rod or rail higher than the actual height of the window. This is highly useful, especially when the drapes are closed. Remember that you may need to buy new curtains to meet the new measurements of the extended or raised curtain rail or road.